City of Depression is an introspective survival story. 

Teenager, Sam Johnston, is responsible for the safety of humanity when a group of alien geneticists, who believe they have created two perfect human beings, call upon their superiors and initiate a galaxy wide test that erases all competing species who fail.

TLDR; CoD is a sci-fi horror comedy, that’s got creepy moth aliens, sad humans, and messed up clones being forced into some dumbass fighting game in space.

CW: blood (usually neon colors), guns (drawn bad on purpose), suicide on the first page (but with a handy mental block for the bad gore parts)
About the Artist/Author
I’m Joni Miller, a comics artist from the woods who reads tarot and plays the banjo. In May 2015, I graduated the Memphis College of Art with a degree in Illustration, Comics, and a minor in Art History.

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